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TMPOS is a global Point-of-Sale Software and Hardware development company that has years of experience in Credit Card Merchant Services and Franchise Management Systems. We are constantly investing our resources and efforts to improve our system for our customers. TMPOS is a modern, innovative company that understands the needs of our clients. We strive to provide the absolute best.

Our Locations

Global Headquarters

3235 Sattelite Blvd, Bldg 400 Ste 290, Duluth, GA 30096
[email protected]
New Jersey Branch

2151 Lemoine Ave Fort Lee, NJ 07024
[email protected]
New York Branch

4240 Bell Blvd, Ste 201, Bayside, NY 11361
1.855.789.5373 / 718.224.4874
[email protected]
Los Angeles Branch

3731 Wilshire Blvd, Ste 630, Los Angeles, CA 90010
[email protected]
South Korea Branch

Gangnam Head Sales Office
349, Gangnam-daero, 6F & 8F, Seocho-gu, Seoul
[email protected]


Board of Directors
CEO Ryan Lee
CFO/President James Chang

Executive Management Team
Secretarial Office: COS Diane You/Executive Vice President
Strategy Planning Division: CSO Bruce Kwon/Executive Vice President
Promotion & IR Team: Justin Kim/Vice President,
Information Strategy Division: CTO Chunni Kim/Senior Vice President
Solution Development Team: Won Seo/Sr. Manager,
UX/UI Design Team: Kay Lee/Manager, Technical Support Team: Steve Choi/Manager, Customer Service Team: Catherine Hunt/Manager
Management Support Division:
Budget Team: CPO Mark Lee/Director, HR Team: Darae Lee/Manager, Asset/Facility Management Team: Alonzo Vauqhan/Manager
Legal/Audit Division: James Chang/President
Legal Counsel: Hunton Andrews Kurth, LLP
Audit Team: Sean Lee/VP, Brand QA Team: Jason Jeon/Manager, Investor/Stock Management Team: Catherine Hunt/Manager
Global Marketing Division: Ryan Lee/President
Corparate Chain Department: Yosef Chae/Vice Presdient, Cafe Thanks: Regina Kwon/Manager, Thanks Nail: Sanga Yoo/Director


2012 Company platform first designed
2016 March Participated in the NRF Retail Show
May Provided demonstration at the Georgia Beauty Pagent
December US OTC Stock Market Registration Complete (December 2016)
2017 January Launched
February ThanksMatrix Leadership Workshop #6 in New York
March TMPOS, INC. IPO Registration
April TMPOS, Executive Workshop #7 in HQ
TMPOS, INC. Franchise System Management "Cafe Thanks" Open
TMPOS, Leadership Workshop #8 in LA
June Thanks Digit Leadership Workshop #9 in HQ - Mining for success
Thanks Digit Mining Farm Open
July CafeThanks Brand Launched
Café Thanks Website Launched
August CafeThanks Opened in Gangnam, Seoul
November Resort Thanks Grand Open in Korea
December CafeThanks#3 Ground Open in Daejeon
2018 March Cafe Thanks Workshop #17 in New York & New Jersey
April Cafe Thanks 2nd Store Contract in LA
May Thanks Nail 1st & 2nd Store Open in NJ
July New CRM Brand "DigitSling" Launched
New Business Model "ThanksOffice.Com(Net)" Launched
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